About SEAS

The Mission

The primary goal of SEAS is to prepare students in the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of software development and related activities. Our degree emphasizes the development of analytical skills, acquisition of knowledge, and understanding of systems, languages, and tools required for effective computation-based problem solving with a major focus on hands-on practical knowledge of cutting edge technologies. The school; thus prepares students for a successful career in computing as well as for advanced degrees. These students are also groomed to understand their social obligations and behave as responsible citizens of society.

History of GIFT School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

GIFT School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS) was established in 2004 with one single faculty of Computer Sciences. Being one of the pioneers in computer education it has now matured as one of the mainstream faculty of GIFT University. 

In 2013, the school was expanded with the induction of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering to help the surrounding industry to be more competitive in the national as well as global markets. The EE program is unique as it is designed to have a very close liaison with the local industry. The EE program of GIFT University is approved by PEC, HEC, and the Government of Punjab. GIFT School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS) has the following departments: 

  1. Department of Computer Sciences 
  2. Department of Electrical Engineering 

Computer Science Program Accredited by NCEAC and Electrical Engineering Program is accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Message from the Dean

I welcome you on behalf of the faculty and staff at the GIFT School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). We take pride in providing our students with a well-balanced mix of hands-on education with a strong theoretical foundation that allows graduates to function effectively and confidently in the workplace. Our graduates are highly sought after and known by employers to be work-ready. Our curriculum in core Electrical Engineering and Computer Science disciplines is a combination of strong interdisciplinary coursework, internships in the field, extra-curricular activities, and research opportunities that enable our graduates to remain a step ahead of the competition in today’s crowded job market.

Let me highlight a few of our strengths:

  • We offer the best programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in this region.
  • Our curricula expose students to real-world problem solving and decisionmaking using state-of-the-art technology and integrated laboratory experiences. In our classes, students learn theory in the context of working on real-life projects.
  • Working closely with local industry leaders and the Chamber of Commerce, the school has a clear vision of its role as a leader of innovation, technology commercialization, and production of engineers and computer scientists. We must continue to provide outstanding talent for companies engaged in fiercely competitive global markets.
  • We involve our students from engineering and computer science in real industrial projects that help the industry as well as the students.
  • In the last 3 years, our students have shown their skills by winning a number of national programming competitions, all over Pakistan.
  • We have taken on the challenge of fulfilling the ever-increasing demand for engineering and computer science graduates, to feed our growing technology sector. To this end, over the last 5 years, the student body of the school has increased by almost 300 percent.
  • Our graduates (and in some cases, existing students) have established new companies that create new jobs.

Dr. Muhammad Ziad Nayyer
Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences