Entrepreneurship cuts across every sector of human life including the field of engineering and computer sciences. Our undergraduate and graduate programs take a hands-on approach to teaching electrical engineering and computer science students the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship. The basic goal is for students to experience the product development process as well as how to start a new company. 

Engineering entrepreneurship is the process of harnessing the business opportunities in engineering and turning it into profitable commercially viable innovation. There are numerous innovations and business opportunities in the engineering field that can create wealth. Therefore, It is important for engineering students to have a creative mindset and skills needed for problem-solving. School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) aims to acquire tools, methods, understanding of processes, and the organizational and managerial aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship that will stand them out.

On the other hand, Computer science degrees are the best option for becoming tech entrepreneurs, because of the important technical skills that the computer graduates will develop during their study. 

Entrepreneurship creates new computing markets, new hardware and software technologies, and provides employment opportunities. Therefore, the current market needs to enhance our computer science and software engineering programs with entrepreneurship; hence, designing courses with a practical-oriented approach.