Industry Linkages

University-industry linkage is a major collaborative effort on the part of academia and industry, sharing their knowledge, skills, and resources to accomplish mutually compatible goals of research, innovation, and commercialization.

Executive Training

As a SEAS student, working hard towards an engineering or computer science degree is both challenging and exciting. GIFT University compliments that study with real-world experience through training and event programs. Students graduate with more than technical knowledge – growing a network, supplemental skill set, and career.

Hands-on Training

  • Providing handson training to interns.
  • Revision of concepts and problem solving for professionals.


SEAS provides students internships in diverse organizations, every year. The target of this program is to open understudies to the genuine working of associations. The internees invest energy in various work units and effectively take part in work exercises which helps them in career building.

Job Placements

SEAS associates its graduating students with industry through recruitment drives and industry exhibitions at the campus. This program gives an incredible chance to the associations to track down an ideal choice for their business needs including:

  • Vacancy announcements at university platform.
  • Recruitment drives at the campus at regular timelines.

Research and Development

The faculty and students of the school engage with the industry through different research projects, aimed at solving various technical challenges of organizations. The bi-directional flow of ideas between the SEAS and industry opens many avenues for both parties to promote the latest innovation and evidence-based practices making to address the latest innovations in the field of technology.

Curriculum Development Advisory

  • Membership of Advisory Committee on Curriculum Development.
  • Active sharing of upcoming trends and their modes of inculcation in courses being offered.


  • Mutual Ventures having economic, social, or cultural goals for both parties.
  • Need-based product designs and launchings in the open market.

Immersive Courses

  • Formulation of immersive courses to train students, professionals, and faculty members.
  • Joint formulation of course content and its promotion/ marketing.

CEO Talks

The CEO of different industries consistently comes to our campus and offers their experience and advancements in their ventures. These meetings permit students to see the practical side of their bookish knowledge and set them up to discover their bright future.

Seminars/ Boot camps

  • Talks delivered by partner organizations’ representatives in seminars.
  • Resource sharing of Trainers.
  • Targeted for students and professionals from the partner industries and public at large.

Industry Meet-ups

In Pakistan, universities, and industries to a great extent, work in disconnection. We firmly accept that our institution and economy can possibly contend viably in the global market when our business training is adjusted well to the business needs. Collaborating with industries enables us to systematically include additional development and training for students. “By working on these projects, students develop critical skills including teamwork, creativity, communication, and critical thinking. The business meet-ups bridge this gap by interfacing our faculty and students with industry.


  • Bi–Annual mega hackathon events open to the public.

Industry Tours

Our students regularly visit the relevant industry during their course. The main reason behind this, it lets students know things practically through interaction, working methods, and employment practices. Moreover, it gives exposure from an academic point of view. The main aim of industrial visits is to provide exposure to students about a practical working environment.


We are doing collaborative efforts with the industry. GIFT EED has developed various industrial collaborations and linkages programs to provide opportunities for training, consultancy, R&D, and exposure to professional practices for the students. The Department has established linkage and collaboration with the following organizations since its inception:

  • Paklite Industries
  • Boss Plastic Furniture
  • Indus Home Appliances & Plastic Furniture
  • Welcome Home Appliances
  • Golden Pumps

The organizations that are sharing MoU with GIFT include:

  • Sonex Diecast
  • Belvin Home Appliances

Moreover, these collaborations also benefit by the exchange of resources in the formulation of final year projects of graduating students on mutually beneficial grounds.

Project Displays

  • Joint project display exhibitions