BS Computer Science

Program Description

The main focus of a bachelor’s degree in computer science is to prepare students in the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of software development and related activities and prepares the students to meet current and future challenges in computer science. The program provides a unique hands-on practical exposure to our students by involving them in real software projects being developed by a specially designed “Teaching Software House” engaged in the development of real projects for real clients. The program is slightly different from the software engineering program as it is tilted slightly towards the theoretical side, which gives them an in-depth understanding of computer systems, whereas the software engineering program is more focused on the industrial requirements.

Career Prospects

Computer Science is one of the most sought-after degrees in the world. Graduates of this program are offered lucrative career prospects in diverse professional fields, including the local and global software industry. A large number of students end up setting up their own software houses or are self-employed and are developing software and providing services to global clients as freelancers. This degree is exceptionally suitable for females in our socio-economic structure where a female can very efficiently work from home as a freelancer for international projects and, at the same time, fulfill her domestic responsibilities.

Program Objectives

The primary goal of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program is to prepare students in the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of software development and related activities. Our degree emphasizes the development of analytical skills, acquisition of knowledge, and understanding of systems, languages, and tools required for effective computation-based problem solving with a major focus on hands-on practical knowledge of cutting edge technologies. The program; thus prepares them for a successful career in computing as well as for advanced degrees. These students are also groomed to understand their social obligations and behave as responsible citizens of society.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

The University welcomes applications from students who have successfully completed their intermediate or equivalent qualification in Pre-Engineering / ICS / Pre-Medical or another combination with Mathematics. Further details are given below:

  • Matric and intermediate or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • The prospective students will have to appear in a written admission test.
  • Only those who meet the minimum eligibility criteria and clear written test are recommended for admission.
  • The student with Pre-Medical background must pass deficiency courses of Mathematics of 6 credit hours within one year of their regular studies.