MS Computer Science

Program Description

This program has been designed to prepare the students for doctoral-level studies as well as cope with the ever-growing demands of a very rapidly changing software industry and academia. After completing this degree, the working professionals can assume the role of software designers, architects, senior team leads, senior analysts, and process engineers. Graduates can also start their careers as faculty members or go for doctoral studies. A large number of students end up setting up their own software houses or are self-employed and developing software and providing services to global clients as freelancers. 

Career Prospects

This program has; thus, been organized and designed with a fine balance between the theoretical and applied sides of computer science and has been structured in a manner to facilitate the working professionals without compromising on the quality or time requirements to complete the degree. There are two options towards completing the degree: (a) with the thesis, (b) with the project. Depending upon their specific situations, students can choose any one of these options to complete their degrees. The program is 100% compliant with the HEC curriculum guidelines and is equivalent to MPhil programs offered elsewhere.

Program Objectives

MS Computer Science, at GIFT University, was launched with two primary objectives. First, to provide opportunities to the students with outstanding academic performance in the undergraduate programs to prepare them for studies at the doctoral level. Second, professionals, who are already working in the field, could enroll in such programs with a desire to enhance their knowledge to make progress in their professional careers and better serve their respective organizations. Through this program, the University also intends to produce local faculty to serve the growing needs of IT education in the region and beyond.

Program Structure



No of Courses

Cr. Hrs

Core Courses






Thesis or (Project + 1 additional course)







Minimum Eligibility Criteria

The University welcomes applications from students who have successfully completed their 4 years BS (CS) or equivalent with CGPA 2.0 and no third division in his/her academic career. Further details are given below:

  • The prospective students will have to appear in a written admission test. 
  • The students who clear the written admission test will have to appear before a departmental committee for an interview.
  • Only those who meet the minimum eligibility criteria and clear written and oral tests are recommended for admission.
  • Also, in order to qualify, a candidate must have taken the following courses in his/her undergraduate studies:

Analysis of Algorithms  |  Assembly Lang. / Computer Architecture  |  Computer Networks  |  Computer Programming  |  Data Structures  |  Database Systems  |  Operating Systems  |  Software Engineering  |  Theory of Automata 

A student selected for admission having a deficiency in the above-stated courses may be required to study a maximum of four courses, which must be passed in the first 2 semesters. Deficiency courses shall be determined by the Graduate Studies Committee before admitting the student. 

A student cannot register in MS courses unless all specified deficiency courses have been passed. 

A student has the option to pursue MS by undertaking either a 6 credit hour MS thesis OR a three-credit-hour taught course and a three-credit-hour MS project according to HEC eligibility criteria.