Students Societies

Young Computers Professional Society (YCPS)

Department of Computer Sciences

We are living in a technologically advanced era, which has changed human thoughts, behaviors and has brought a significant change in social interactions. The everchanging and rapidly evolving modern world technology has almost affected our lives and our urge to advance further is on the rise with the passage of each and every moment. Young Computers Professional Society (YCPS) is trying to keep our students up-to-date with modern technology and its advancements. YCPS, in order to achieve its goals, is engaging students through Technical Events, Seminars, and Workshops, which help students to polish and improve their technical skills.


The primary purpose of the Young Computer Professionals Society (YCPS) is to provide students a skills development environment in which students and faculty can keep themselves up-to-date with modern technologies and their significance in the industry and academia. This society seeks to help students to develop excellent technical, communicational skills and to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

To achieve this mission, we focus our efforts in these areas:

  • Arranging technical seminars
  • Conducting workshops related to modern technologies 
  • Promoting learning and teaching of the technical skills 
  • Managing the operations of the Society in a sound and sustainable manner, investing strategically to enhance our ability to deliver member value
  • Inviting industrial speakers 
  • Arranging technical events and hackathons
  • Job Fairs


The Young Computer Professionals Society (YCPS) strives to be a model society in technical skills committed to delivering and advancing the professional development of our students and articulating the value of technical skills and communication within industry and academia.

Organizing Body

Ahmed Bashir

Head of Society

Afaq Amin


Zuhaib Hussain Butt

Vice President (Male)

Vaneezah Shahid

Vice President (Female)

GIFT Engineering and Technology Society (GETS)

Department of Electrical Engineering

GETS (GIFT Engineering and Technology Society) is the only technical society in GIFT University that aims to provide students the opportunity to enhance their skills and learn new ones. GETS was founded in 2017 under the supervision of Sir Muneeb Abrar. Since then, GETS has organized countless workshops, seminars, and competitive events to polish the skills of students.

GETS not just focuses on students of GIFT School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) but our domain includes students from all departments. We engage them from time to time in different activities. GETS takes the university team to national engineering tournaments like  Airtech and NASCOM where our team competes and interacts with other teams. 


Our vision is that in industry, we need practical skills to survive. Keeping this in mind, we pledge to give students opportunities to gain and polish their skills. Students need to have handson experience of things to excel in their lives. Our workshops are conducted by experts who engage and interact with students on their level to help them learn and grow.


Our mission is to make graduates of GIFT University familiar with the demands of modern industry and prepare them for the challenges they will face there. We also aim to elevate the GIFT Electrical Engineering Department to the level of the Electrical Engineering Departments of top-ranked universities.

Organizing Body

Muneeb Abrar

Head of Society

Zaid Sajid


Hassan Ali Butt

Vice President

Unza Hussain

General Secretary