Students Testimonials

Department of Computer Sciences

My name is Asad Ur Rehman and I am studying BS Computer Science at GIFT University Gujranwala. Coming to study in GIFT has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Studying at GIFT University has been a good investment in the development of my study and social life. With my Bachelor in Computer Sciences, the knowledge that I am acquiring, allows me to point myself towards the future and perform as a true professional. The faculty and administration at the school are accessible, sociable, and have helped to support me since the first day I arrived. Everything about the experience is better than I had hoped.


GIFT societies, in addition, have played a major role in my social life. The credit for the achievements I have made by working in societies goes to the university.


In conclusion, GIFT University has an excellent professional and familial environment. It is, indeed, the perfect place to complete your studies.

Asad Ur Rehman
BS Computer Science

I came to GIFT University from a remote village in Okara. This city and the people here were new to me. But I am grateful to GIFT University that now I feel at home. The university has given me the best teachers and environment for my studies. The opportunities to learn new things, which the university has provided me, may not be available anywhere else. The time I will spend here will affect my whole life. I am hopeful that the experiences gained from here will be useful in my future life.

Thanks, GIFT University.

Muhammad Ahmad Saqi
BS Software Engineering